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substance abuse in the home

Substance abuse is a serious problem that plagues millions of people around the globe. It is a problem that leads to many issues, whether they be in the family, in school, or in the public in general. Although those who abuse substances may not do so purposefully, the ramifications of their actions are widely felt. In the essay I will write, I hope to further discuss substance abuse in the family, and the effects that this has on college-aged students. Research has shown that substance abuse in the family has eventually lead the child eventually becoming a substance abuser themselves. As most of us are in our early twenties, I feel that this is a critical issue that we should all pay close attention to. Many parents who encounter stress turn to a substance to relieve their problems. This pattern has been, and is repeated by their college-aged children. College is an incredibly stressful time in a young person’s life; and those who have witnessed their parents abusing substances due to stress may often continue this incredibly unfortunate pattern. When college-aged students do turn to substance abuse as a result of their stress, and the patterns that have been set forth by their parents, this is often a receipt for disaster. Even more unfortunate is the fact that many times, these students may not even view their actions as harmful. As stated above, this is an issue that is incredibly important to me, being a college-aged student myself, as well as working full-time, I deal with stress on a daily basis. If my paper can help me to help at least one person, than it will be more than worth my every effort. ...

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