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ultimate teacher

There have been very few people in my life that have been able to grab my attention, captivate me, and then make me say "this is what I want to do!" Mr. Molina, my high school world history teacher, did just that. All teachers do their job, some just do it, others do it very well, but few leave a lasting impact on a student's life. Today I am in college as an education major, headed for the life of a high school history teacher. Mr. Molina's appearance in front of a class, his unique teaching style, and his uncanny ability to make class fun are the main reasons I feel this is what I want to do. Mr. Molina gave a powerful and larger than life presence even though he was no more than five foot eight at best. Although standing with perfect posture and poise always made him appear to be well over six-feet tall in front of a class. Strong arms, chest, and legs gave him a very stocky and thick build. Dark colored polo shirts and sweaters were filled out once again showing his great strength. Coupled with his short, almost bald, hair gave him a powerful and almost intimidating presence. He would pace the front of the class and speak in tones that could easily be heard though the wall into surrounding classes. If you can imagine a character in the world wrestling federation portrayed as a teacher, pointing and yelling at you with the veins in his neck pushing outward, that was Mr. Molina. Despite his intimidating appearance, Mr. Molina's way of delivering his day to day material is what ultimately caught my attention. He would start every class off with a joke just to loosen the class up and set the transition into the day's material. "You could be a red neck iftaking the trash out meant taking your in-laws to the movies," then the laughter would ensue and the result would be a class of 30 attentive and ready to listen. He would never stand in one place for longer than one minute. He would push the portable podium all over the...

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