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violence on tv

Frankenstein is a novel that was written by Mary Shelley. It was first published in 1818. The story was about a man named Victor Frankenstein who created a monster that committed a series of murders when he was rejected by society. Mary Shelley was the author of the novel Frankenstein. She was born in August of 1797 and died in February of 1857, at the age of fifty-four. In the summer of 1816, Mary stayed with a poet named Byron. Also staying with Byron was his physician Polidori and Jane Clarmont, a short story writer. Byron suggested they should all write a horror story. This is when the story of Victor Frankenstein occurred to Mary. She said the story was born right out of a nightmare. At first, it was only meant to be a short story, but at the urging of her husband, she increased the story to its present length. The novel took place in Geneva, Switzerland in the 1700s. Victor Frankenstein lived in a house near Lake Gevena: We possessed a house in Geneva, and a campagne on Belrive, the eastern shore of the lake, at the distance of rather more than a league from the city. The house was near the Jura mountain range. Victor climbed the mountain when he sought solitude and consolation. The house itself was big and had an upstairs and downstairs. Much of the story unfolded in this house. However, Victor Frankenstein had previously attended the University of Ingolstadt for three years and this was where the monster was created. As the plot begins an Arctic explorer named Robert Walton finds a man adrift in the sea outside his boat. He nursed the man back to health and finds he is Victor Frankenstein who tells the story of his life to Walton. When Victor was young he was fascinated with life. He wanted to bring a creature to life. While attending the University of Ingolstadt, he created the monster and brought it to life. However, he became terrified of the creation and fled from it in horror. He became ...

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