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who really lost paradise the role of women in paridise lost

The Role of Women in Paradise lost R. Nemesvari English 100:1 Feb. 15, 2001 Andrew Smith I.D: 200000415 Every single person in the history of the world has at one time or another been confronted by the question of where they belong in the world. It was not always that difficult for some to place others however. In Paradise Lost, Book IX, John Milton claimed that women were subordinate and inferior to man, and Eve precipitated both her and Adams fall because she did not recognize her proper place in the grand scheme of things. In Miltons world women were domestic beings and obedient to men. Women were also inferior beings then men and thus more succumb to temptation. However, humanity lost Eden because Eve did not accept her position in relation to Adams. To be somewhat fair, Adam was also responsible for the Fall, but in Miltons mind Eve was more at fault.To John Milton, a Puritan, the womans place was in the household and to be obedient to her husband. Eve, being the first wife, was to be the model all wives after were formed around. In Paradise Lost, Book IX, Adam declares to Eve, for nothing lovelier can be found in woman than to study household good and good works in her husband promote. (233-235). Adam reminds Eve that a good wife is one that will do work around the household, and praise and encourage her husband. Her life revolves around keeping her husband happy and successful. Not only is the womans job to tend house, but also she is also incapable of protecting herself. When Eve asks to leave Adams side to work on her own, he first denies her saying that the wife, where danger or dishonor lurks, safest and seemliest by her husband stays, who guards her, or with her the worst endures. (267-269). Eve is told that she is not able to protect herself and that is Adams job, and the wifes duty is to stay by her husbands side. Finally, as stated above, Eve had to ask Adam for permission to go ten...

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