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Psychological Effects of racism

The Psychological Effects of Racism in the Afro-American Community I. Definition of Psychology The psychological effects of racism have had great affects on the way African-Americans live and think in today’s society.B. Through my research I will show were psychology effects first came about during slave times, how psychology affects us without us knowing, how and why psychological effects hold us back as a race, and how some get through the psychological effects.II. Psychological effects were around along time before people think.A. The first psychological effects were used on slaves by a man named Willie Lynch. 1. Used distrust, fear, and envy to keep slaves fighting among themselves.2. This was so slaves would not have time or so they would not come together to run away. III. Racism has psychological on the black community everyday and some people do not even see it.A. Affirmative action is one way that psychology affects us but we do not know it.B. The psychological effects of history affect us everyday and we do not realize it.C. The psychological effects of the media have everyday affects.IV. The psychology from racism in the black community plays a big part in the progression of African-Americans as a race.A. It has been said that black people use the excuse of “it’s the white man’s fault I can’t get ahead.B. It has also been said that “because we have been mislead and untold about our history as African-Americans we have a hard time realizing the paths we should take to get ahead in the world.”V. Even with all the psychological effects of racism many people have ways to past the race issues and try to help others do the same.A. A woman by the name of Enolia McMillan used all the psychological issues of race and fueled here passion of civil rights.B. Thurgood Marshall took what he had seen and felt growing up and used it to drive him to becoming one of America’s most rec...

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