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The Bull Calf

In the poem “The Bull Calf” the stanzas go from good to bad feeling. This is the same way that the calf’s life goes. This is also the way that the narrator’s feelings for the calf’s life go. There are also many symbols throughout the poem. Without these deeper meanings the poem is just about a calf the dies because it can’t produce any milk. “The thing could barely stand.” (“The Bull Calf” line 1). The calf is referred to as a thing not an animal or creature. This is the way the author blocks emotion. The first line in the first stanza is a contradiction from the rest of the stanza because the rest of it has a positive attitude and the first sentence shows that the animal is weak. The third and the fourth line show the glory of the animal by hinting to royalty. The last line in the first stanza helps to back this information up by pointing to Richard the second. In the fifth line the narrator uses thee word us this connects him to the event. “The fierce sunlight tugging the maize from the ground” (“The Bull Calf” line 6). This is imagery, the sunlight showing promise and hope, maize is yellow this refers us back to the sun through the similar color. The last line refers to Richard the second this makes the poem flow better into the next stanza, Richard the second was lowered from his rank much like the calf is going to be. “No money in bull calves”, Freeman had said.” (“The Bull Calf” line 10). This statement starts the stanza off in a negative way and contradicts the first stanza. It also introduces a man and money. This hints that men run the world of nature because of their bitter outlooks and concentration on money, which shows the bad effects of capitalism. “Snuffing pathetically” (“The Bull Calf” line 12). This shows a major contrast from the first stanza, which continues ...

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