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Canadian Brass Band

The musical concert that I am going to critique for you today is one performed by The Canadian Brass at the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts. The Canadian Brass was founded in 1970 by Gene Watts, Chuck Daellenbach, Graeme Page, Stuart Laughton, and William Phillips. The Toronto-based brass quintets virtuostic and engaging performances have set a standard few can touch. The enthralling sound of a brass choir, the unique blend of a French horn, tuba, trombone, and two trumpets, programs that feature genius musicianship, masterfulinterpretations and flashes of humor, repertoire that encompasses Bach to blues, all of these ingredients make The Canadian Brass the worlds leading brass ensemble. The variations of elements used such as vibrant painting, clear dynamics, harmony, melody, and form lead to their unique style. I was initially attracted to this musical performance because it was related to a required assignment and I did not have to travel to view the concert. In my personalopinion the greatest aesthetic strength is the variations in elements. The variations keep the music interesting. As far as an aesthetic weakness goes, I am not sure I am clear enough about aesthetics to recognize a weakness. This could certainly be noted by my aesthetic strength, which is not the best strength , I am sure. In conclusion, I feel that the works by The Canadian Brass possess lasting value through their unique style and silly quirks of humor they are sure to inspire young and old for years to come. The Canadian Brass brings about their cultural significance by bring to light classical music in a fine way. This, although may sound simple, is The Canadian Brass in a nutshell....

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