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DMB Red Rocks

Imagine standing on a stage, overlooking 69 tiered rows in what is possibly the most beautiful amphitheater in the world. As Dave Matthews and his fellow band mates walk on stage, thecrowd cheers wildly. They do this throughout the opening song, Seek Up, and, for the most part,through the whole show. Recorded on August 15, 1995, this was at the height of the bandsmusical talent and at the bottom step of their climb to fame. It was shows like this that left fansmesmerized by the funky, jazz-infused riffs the band played. It is this live music that keeps thefans coming back. Red Rocks Amphitheater is located in Morrison, Colorado, 15 miles west of Denver(Technical 1). It provides seating for 9600, and some of the acoustics found anywhere. JohnBrisben Walker originally produced shows here between 1906 and 1910. He noted its perfectacoustic setting, and had a vision of major artists coming here one day to play. In 1927, the Cityof Denver purchased to area of Red Rocks with a future theater in mind. In 1938, Denverarchitect Burnham Hoyt finished the design. The design emphasized the preservation of thenatural beauty of the area. It was finished and dedicated on June 15, 1941 (Technical 1). Sincethen it has been home to many concerts and performers. It is a beautiful place, and is the perfectbackdrop for any concert, and especially a live recording, such as Dave Matthews Bands Live atRed Rocks. No reason to get excited! shuts Dave Matthews as he finishes the encore with the BobDylan song All Along the Watchtower. His shout is over a barrage of musical riffs, thrown out bythe five very talented musicians that make up the Dave Matthews Band, and guest Tim Reynolds. It is followed by some thank yous and well wishes. The members that played that night are eachvery unique, especially in instruments. This is what makes the music really work. Dave Matthews provides lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Boyd Tinsley pla...

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