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Death of a Great Composer

It is hard to believe that the death of a man can remain unknown for several centuries. Itis even harder to believe that the death of one of the greatest composers of all time, isindeed that. That composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was a child prodigy. Heperformed for royalty, wrote and composed symphonies, and learn to play the violin andorgan without instruction all before he ever reached the age of seven. Mozart was trulyblessed with a gift from God to hear the music before he ever wrote it. Many peoplewere aware of that gift, including Antonio Salieri. Salieri was the court composer andwas thought of highly until the works of Mozart became heard in Vienna. Mozart wasamazing and astounding and loved by all-all except Salieri. Salieri sat and watched thisman, this great wonder child, and asked God why he had given this perverted andimmature boy such a wondrous gift. He asked God why he had put the love of music inhis heart if he was going to give the talent to Mozart. During the time that Salieri spentwith Mozart, did only his pain, hatred and jealousy grow. Salieri wished nothing buthumiliation, failure and perhaps even death on Wolfgang Mozart. Through all of thosedistressing emotions, Im not sure that Antonio Salieri ever wanted Mozart dead so badly,that he could have or would have killed him, as some historians have said. I believe thatif Salieri would have wanted Mozart dead, that he would have acted more quickly that hedid. After all, why would Salieri, the man jealous of the work and popularity of Mozart,ever let him become such a success? Why didnt Salieri act on his internal rage beforehand? Simple, through of the hatred that Salieri felt toward Mozart, he could not helpbut to appreciate his work that was so finely mastered. I, myself, think that Mozartsdeath was caused by alcohol. Mozart was always a very heavy drinker, but especiallyafter he moved to Vienna. There could have a been numerous explanatio...

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