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1.The terms use and function are described by Merriam whereas use is the concept studied is to increase factual knowledge directly. Function is an attempt to increase factual knowledge indirectly through the deeper comprehension of the significance of the phenomenon studied. (Merriam 209) Scholars in the field tend to agree with Merriams assessment for the most part. The only point in question that I gathered from the readings is that there is some discrepancy whether all the activities in a culture have a function. Merriam seems to think that they do or else that activity is not a function of society. Nadel believes that there are varying degrees of function in a society (Merriam 210) but adheres to the same basic definitions of function. 2.The tripartite model of analysis that Merriam uses contains concepts, behavior, and structure. Concepts are the elements that come into play to integrate music into the life of a society. One concept for example is that of what a society considers music and what it considers to be noise. The manner in which that same society uses and organizes music is an underlying concept of the former. (Merriam 63) Behaviors are the result, or a translation as Merriam puts it, of a cultures concept music. Merriam categorizes behavior in this manner, Four major kinds of behavior can be isolated in respect to the production and organization of sound; these include physical behavior, verbal behavior about the music sound, social behavior both on the part of those who produce music and those who listen and respond to it, and learning behavior which enables the musician to produce the appropriate sounds. (Merriam 103)The structure component is the more concrete of the there analytical levels. It is the music sound itself in the context of how it is created and used. (Merriam 20) These three levels have a strong connection in that they all are codependent on the other. If there is no concept of what music is, then t...

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