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Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead, the most popular so called underground band of all time. This band has underwent many changes, some good and others bad throughout their thirty or so years of performing. I plan to prove that a band that has remained together for thirty plus years isnt as easy as many would assume. In fact I would have to say the down times in the band almost equal the outrageously great time they had. Despite all the down times the amazing music of the Grateful Dead always made it possible to bring smiles to empty faces anytime anywhere. Even now that the bands figure head (Jerry Garcia) has passed on, the family that he created (Deadheads) and left behind will never forget him or his music.The very underground San Francisco based band didnt always go by the name Grateful Dead. When they first came about they went by the name, Mothers McCrees Uptown Jug Champions who consisted of band members, Jerry Garcia, Ron Pigpen McKernan, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and Bill Kreutzmann. Keep in mind them and their followers were for the most part war protesters. All, very young and some not even out of high school. Soon after they had established the band they started playing at many house parties, small bars, and roadhouses. Their music was loved by so many because it was said, you can sing the lyrics without ever making a sound., and you could sing the lyrics with dance and drugs. A little while later they had a name change to the Warlocks when they grasped more unsuspecting followers that soon became life long Deadheads. Before nineteen-sixty-five the band had in a way dropped out of society and the straight music scene, playing at houses and roadhouses and only performed for a good friend as a private house band. For the next six months only performed at the Acid Tests, immersing themselves in a sensosiorm of sound, light, and mind altering drugs that transformed their audiences, forever. I know that if the Acid Tests had never happened we would ...

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