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Gratefuld Dead

A simple definition of a sub-culture is a group of people who have norms, values, and beliefs that are distinct from those of the main stream culture. A subculture is a group of people who have a distinct way of life. Dead heads fit into this category. They believe that there are many interpretations of reality, and that everyone's interpretations are somewhat valid, but none of them are real.There are two reasons why this sub-culture has continued to exist for as long as it has, the first being a historical one. The Greatful Dead was the house band for many of the electra acid tests, and they were closely tied to everything that happened in Ashbury throughout the sixties. The Dead are the aires of the cultural change, the cultural excitement, and the cultural creativity that occurred throughout the sixties and seventies. Therefore, they are the natural picks for people who are at odds with the main stream 1990's culture. The Greatful Dead have made several decisions throughout their journey that have contributed to their longevity. The decisions they have made contributed to the loyalty among their fans, rather than mass-popularity. One example of this is how the Dead have allowed taping of their shows, which has given people a way to keep in contact with the concert experience between concert dates. It has given people the opportunity to experience concerts over and over again, and to remember just how exhilarating they all are. The Dead also play different music every night. This motivates many people to go to more than one or two shows in a row. For many dead heads, two or three a week is more like it.Right from the beginning, the Greatful Dead gave their fans a name. In the early seventies they published a new album, a request for Greatful Dead fans to come together as one, entitled " Dead Freaks Unite". As a result, people started sending in their addresses and the Dead began mailing them information about upco...

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