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Hip Hop History

Music is the most powerful vehicle of human As the embodiment of love, disapproval,happiness, experience life, music speaks to us, because itcomes from us. Each people, in each paradine of the humanexperience instinctively and systematically change the musicof the past to represent the realities of the present. Inthis century, black music, more specifically Hip Hop/Soulmusic, has been that music that has brought to plain viewthat which evidences our humanity hope, hurt, joy andpassion in such a way that the world has no other choicethan to feel its power and marvel in its brilliance. Whenone discusses the relationship between Soul music and thecivil rights movement, it becomes a dialogue very akin tothat of the chicken and the egg. The period of ClassicSoul is that period primarily, but not exclusivelyreferenced as the 1950s, 60s and 70s (Stephenson 186).This is the time frame of the American Civil RightsMovement, and the impact of the massive changes going on,are reflected in the music and the culture. So one would becorrect in both assuming that the Civil Rights Movement gaverise to Soul music, as much Soul music contributed to the success of the campaignfor civil rights. Soul music during its heyday, did morethan simply entertain. For a race of people it served as asource of motivation, strength and education, for a peopleimmersed in turmoil and tragedy. The institution ofsegregation had effectively inhibited the general populacesawareness of the great achievements and contributions madeby African-Americans throughout the history of the UnitedStates (Franklin 429). Inasmuch, Soul music sought to bringthat undersight to light. Soul songs like Donny HathawaysTo Be Young, Gifted and Black, was revolutionary, in thatthey sought to instill pride of ones history, but at thesame time motivate a new generation to reach new heights. AsHathaway says, We must begin to tell our young, Dont youknow that there is a whole world waiting for y...

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