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Jim Morrison The Doors

There's the known, and there's the unknown. And what separates the two is the door, and that's what I want to be. Ahh I wanna be th’door . . ." - Jim MorrisonJim Morrison is often thought of as a drunken musician and, an addict and, to many, another 'doped up' rock star. These negative opinions project a large shadow on the many positive aspects of this great poet. Jim's music was influenced heavily by many famous authors. One must cast aside their ignorance, look behind the loud electric haze of the sixties music, and wipe their eyes and look through the psychedelic world of LSD. Standing behind these minor flaws, you will see a young and very intelligent poet named Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison's distraught childhood was a contributing factor to Jim's fortune and his fate. As a young child, Jim experienced the many pains of living in a military family. Having to move every so often, Jim, his brother, and his sister never spent more than a couple of years at a particular school. Jim attended eight different schools, grammar and High, throughout his schooling career. This amount of traveling made it hard for a young child to make many friends. In high school, Jim had an especially hard time; "The only real friend he made was a tall but overweight classmate with a sleepy voice named Fud Ford " (Sugerman 9). Although there seems to be many negative aspects of Jim's child hood, positivism did arise. The traveling done by the Morrison family brought Jim through many different experiences and situations. For instance, while driving on a highway from Santa Fe with his family, he said he experienced, "the most important moment of my life" (qtd. in Russel 6 ). The Morrisons came upon an overturned truck of dying Pueblo Indians. This moment influenced Jim and later became the basis of many of his songs, poetry, stories, and thoughts. Jim Morrison's estranged childhood was the root underneath his bizarre and eccentric per...

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