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Joseph Franz Haydn

He is considered by some people to be one of the most famous composers of the classical period. His career grew with the development of classical style and forms, with the symphony, sonata, string quartet, and other instrumental forms, in the moulding of which he played an important part. Joseph Haydn was born in Rohrau in 1732, the son of a wheelwright, he trained as a chorister at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, where he made an early living. He worked as a freelance musician, playing the violin and the keyboard instruments, accompanying for singing lessons given by the composer Porpora, who helped and encouraged him ( Boynick, 1). In this essay, I will discuss a brief overview of Joseph Haydn’s life. I will also talk about some of the pieces he has composed and how they changed music forever.In 1759 he was appointed music director to Count Morzin; but he soon moved, into service as Vice-Kapellmeister with one of the leading Hungarian families, the Esterhazys, becoming full Kapellmeister in 1766 (Boynick, 1). He was director of an ensemble of generally some 15-20 musicians, with the responsibility for the music and the instruments, and was required to compose as his employer from 1762, Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy (Boynick, 1). At first he lived at Eisenstadt, 30 miles southeast of Vienna, by 1767 the family’s residence, and Haydn’s chief place to work at was at the palace of Eszterhaza. In his early years Haydn chiefly wrote instrumental music, including symphonies, and other pieces for the twice-weekly concerts and the prince’s Tafelmusik, and works for the instrument played by the prince, the baryton (a kind of viol), for whichHe composed circa 125 trios in ten years (Boynick, 1). After that, Haydn expanded his musical pieces from the occasional, entertainment music towards larger and more original pieces. Also from 1768-1772, he composed three string quartets, probably not written for the ...

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