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The death penalty should be a last result action that is taken when one person is convicted of a crime involving the death of another person or living thing. The actions taken to kill someone on death row are horrific in, and to kill someone that didn’t commit the crime is an appalling thing to do. DNA is an efficient way to prove the absolute guilt of an individual. The death penalty should not be enforced without the opportunity of a DNA test.For years, DNA has been an effective way of determining whether or not the death row inmates are guilty. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, which is the genetic coding in cells specific to an individual. Body fluids, semen, bone, and blood samples can all be tested by DNA. It is used to show connections to crimes and people. It can also prove that they are not guilty. DNA is only enforced in New York and Illinois. Ninety-five prisoners have been freed, and DNA freed ten of those. If DNA testing was enforced in all the states there would be less error in the legal system, and more guilty people would be behind bars instead of the innocent. Since January 1,2000, 3,652 inmates were on death row nationwide. Some of them could be innocent, and they deserve to have the right to a DNA test if there is evidence to test. DNA testing has proven to verify a death row inmate to be guilty or innocent. In Oklahoma, Ronald Williamson and Dennis Fritz were released from the Pontatoc County Courthouse after being convicted of a rape-murder they didn’t commit. At one point Williamson was five days away from death. He was convicted of raping and killing 21 year old Debra Sue Carter. He had a retrial and was again sentenced to death by the evidence of semen samples and 17 hairs that were traced to him by primitive forms of DNA. DNA then tested the evidence, and it showed that he in fact did not commit the murder. DNA saved his life, and it was more accurate than two juries (24) people. Dennis Frit...

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