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Louis Armstrong

I choose to discuss Louis Daniel Armstrong, one of America's most influential singers and trumpeter. He had a rough/rasping, trademark "gravelly" voice, which you can still recognize till this day. Armstrong was given the nickname "Satchmo" (which is short for "Satchelmouth" referring to the size of his mouth) on one of his first visit's to London. He had a rough childhood and had to start working at an early age to support his family. Singing on street corners for mere pennies, was just one of the numerous jobs he held, to survive. I think Armstrong was influenced by what was going on around him; he got different music influences from the different cities he traveled to.Armstrong contributed major stylistic characteristics, which helped to create the transition to the swing period. Per his biography "He taught the world to swing", "He spread the language of jazz around the world, serving as an international ambassador of swing." Heebie Jeebies was Armstrong's first song featuring the new technique, scat singing. His extensive travel from 1925 to 1928 introduced his music too much more people. Around 1930 Armstrong made his first film and radio appearances. Joe Glaser, Armstrong's manager, helped transform him into an international star. He starred in the best theaters, dance halls, and nightclubs. Per the biography, Armstrong formed a small ensemble called the All-Stars, in 1947; they were a group of extraordinary players whose success revitalized mainstream jazz. His continued perseverance throughout his career earned him the title "Ambassador Satch." Armstrong performed for his public, until his health slowed down/condensed his singing and trumpet playing. He was working on his music and scheduling rehearsals, up until a few days before he died. He passed away when he was 70 years old.The one song that I love from Louis Armstrong is "What A Wonderful World," I think this song is beautiful. I think it brings back th...

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