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Music Education

The best teachers in this world ask just the right questions Im convinced. I look at my past experience with teachers. The ones that stick out in my mind as facilitating the most amount of growth in the students have been able to get responses from them by asking direct questions that spark the students own personal creative thinking. The teachers have presented themselves (their material, their presence, their goals, their very nature, etc.) in a way that strikes the students as being unique and that this teacher has something of value to offer. The student sees this leading quality and either subconsciously or consciously asks themself "how am I going to get that stuff that teacher has?". The student ends up being curious and wants to learn, and wants to learn for "themself". This also benefits the whole area of discipline. Since the students have developed a respect for what that teacher has to offer, than they do not think or even want to be disruptive. Of course, theres always that special "one" in the crowd that has so much baggage their tendency to misbehave is not stopped by this one "amazing teacher", but its stunted nonetheless.Thought-provoking questions in an atmosphere that promotes risk the best to stimulate critical thinking. The teacher has this responsibility to share the process of critical thinking in order to provide that safe atmosphere where ideas are appreciated and warmly accepted. Listening in conjunction with questioning and classroom dialogues promotes thinking about music. The combination of lecturing accompanied by dialogue of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of content enhances learning. I think that a good music teacher will create and maintain a positive and comfortable atmosphere where students can dialogue advances discovery and critical thinking. It is important for teachers to have that sensitivity towards the students where they can feel comfortable taking risks. Teachers can use ...

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