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Music WOrlds

There are many types of harassment but in this article we will be visiting verbal harassment. Once a student hits middle school they experience new situations. One situation happens to be the harassment from other students. For some this is difficult, they have never had groups of kids laughing and making jokes about them. The child does not know what to do about this. This child could become depressed or try and fight one of the other kids. By feeding into the other kids this child only makes the situation worse. I greatly suggest talking to your child about this before they enter middle school. For other kids the teasing is no problem, they just ignore the people and everything goes away. People tend to think children pick on one another because they are insecure about them selves and because the other person is different. We are all different aren't we? So, then why do kids single each other out and make fun of each other, maybe this is because of jealousy. It seems as though it makes some children feel better to make fun of some one else, yet most moral kids don't find any pleasure out of teasing someone. I also believe harassment has something to do with the home life of the student. If the child is used to a parent gossiping or making fun of other people then the child will most likely take after the parent. This means the parent can help out by setting a good example for their child."Freedom from physical abuse and mental abuse such as name calling, intimidaton, and harrasment," is one of the rights a student has at the middle school. This right is stated in the student hand book, found in the beginging of the student assignment book. All students have this right and should not have to worry about someone picking on them. This year this has been a big issue at the middle school, with help from teachers and parents we can reduce the teasing that is going on....

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