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I'm sure you have heard something about the music issues pertaining to Napster. Right now million dollar lawsuits are being filed on Napster by the famous rock band Metallica. You can hear about the complaints Napster is facing on television, radio, Internet, or magazines. The issues regarding Napster is a very arguable topic in entertainment today. I am going to discuss the main arguments presented by record labels, and also display some possible solutions being negotiated with at this time.Two guys who are both 18 years of age introduced the Napster service. Napster is a music site on the Internet in which online participants can pass songs back and forth to each other for free. Just about any song is available to download. It is a very simple process to begin downloading music from the Napster system. Some information about yourself such as your e-mail address and name is required. After this simple step one is ready to begin downloading songs. To download a particular song the title and artist has to be entered and the process begins. The downloading procedure takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes per song depending on the users modem speed and the length of the song requested. Although Napster seems harmless and great, there has been great controversy in the music and entertainment world regarding it. There are many arguments facing the two gentlemen that started this music crisis. Some oppose Napster simply because it is a multi-million dollar corporation that wants to make money by distributing other people's music. Is this alternative way of listening to music fair, or does it violate artists' rights? Napster claims that their service offers the world the chance to listen to and promote the artists' music, in turn helping them out. Critics and corporations claim that this is a lie simply because the music artists and record labels are taking huge cutbacks in record sales due to Napster. It is not hard to underst...

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