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Need For Foul Language

Is there any need for foul language in Rap or Hip-Hop music? I believe that when we look at this question the main issue that one must confront is one of content and the use of that content. Any type of music whether it be rap, rock and roll, opera, country, or even Christian music is about expression. Expressing ones ideas and emotions though music is as old as music itself. Take for example the latest craze of Latin music. The vernacular of the people in which the music comes from is reflected in the music in the form of Spanish words and phrases throughout the songs. The history of the Latin culture can be seen in the rhythms and instruments played by performers as well as in the lyrics. In rock and roll music of today the rebellious words of the times can be heard in the lyrics of the music. In Christian music, the Word of God and of the scriptures can be heard in the lyrics of that type of music as well. The ‘history’ and beliefs of the church can be heard in the type of words that are heard. In ancient Indian verses and song warriors would chant before they went to war and to the gods. These chants and songs reflected the image of the culture and a small piece of each participant can be seen and heard in the music. Words and music can be a great way for individuals in all forms of society to express themselves and to relay certain things about a culture or a situation. Lyrics, just as in poems and stories have different meaning when put in different context. This is the same for Rap music and hip-hop. Traditionally rap and hip-hop music comes from the African-American culture. (Obviously some generalizations will be made in order to keep coherence to the point.) Just as in other cultures and groups the vernacular and way of presenting the lyrics are a great reflection of the mood of the song and of the author or writer. A Rock and Roll rebellious type song would not have the same message and the same effec...

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