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There was once a time in the United States when people had little fear. Neighborhoods were free of crime and hate. It was a time when words were spoken and trusted. AIDS was not an issue to worry about. The rap artist, Trick Daddy in his song, "Back in the days" approaches many issues in today's world. These issues are crime, AIDS, and pacts among friends.Over the years many things have changed between friends, like the pacts friends used to make. There used to be a time when pacts meant everything. People could trust their friend with any kind of problem they may have. Secrets were promises that friends would never break. "And when the heat is on and they can't hang," writes Trick Daddy, "they'll give them yo name." Trick Daddy is saying that back in the days people couldn't pay a woman or man to snitch. We live in a society where friendships are not valued up to the highest degree anymore. A friend will tell secrets and break promises. The point that Trick is trying to get across is that people do not care about anyone but themselves.Another issue that Trick Daddy addresses is crime. Although crime has been going on for years, statistics show crime rates has decreased over the years. In Georgia The statistics for the total crime is 100%, personal crime is 100%, murder is 100%, Assault is 94%, rape is 100%, Burglary 177%, Larceny 120%, motor vehicle theft 117%. For years crime have continue to haunt our nation. Crime in America is the cause of a large number of deaths. In most of Trick Daddy lyrics he talk about killings that are going on. I think it is very sad to know crime will always be an issue in our society. "Back in the days, it wasn't no AK's," Trick tells. Trick talks about AK's because they are one of the most highly developed kind of firearms. The AK-47 is one type of the AK gun. This type was developed around 1974 and the shooting range is 1,350m. With the development of guns like AK-47 it is a dangerous we...

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