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Oar I feel home

Oar is a very small band that was born and raised in Ohio. They started playing in a band together when they met at Ohio University. As they developed as a band they began to play shows around their local area and then moved on to bigger and better places to play. The way I heard of them was from a friend of mine who was going to see their show in this summer in New York City and he invited me to go. I figured that it was only a twelve-dollar ticket so why not go. When they came on, I was amazed of how much talent such a small, unheard of band had. I was hooked from then on.This particular song is not of the whole band but only of the lead guitarist and the lead singer which shows that he is sad because he is not home with his friends. The rhythm has a pretty slow tempo, which stays the same throughout the whole song. Although, when the chorus comes in, you get a warm feeling because he is talking about being home and hanging out with his friends. The melody of the song is a conjunct melody. It flows nicely from section to section. The texture of this song is a monophony. There is only one-person singing at any point in time throughout the whole song. This shows how lonely he is. The timbre, or the color of the song is dark when he is singing about how he misses home. The timbre changes when he gets into the chorus. It becomes brighter and he seems happier. The dynamics or volume of the song works the same way as the color of the song, it changes as the mood changes in the song. The lyrics in this song mean a great deal to me personally. I am at college right now six hours away from my home. When he says There are a few things pure in this world anymore, and home is one of the few. This line is true to me in many ways. First off, my parents live at home. They knew me when I was truly pure, when I first was born. The second reason why home is pure to me is because my friends who I grew up with are there. They ...

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