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Problems with Online Music

There are obviously huge problems in the recording industry and no one knows exactly what to do. Some people think that all online music should be free with no restrictions; others think that we should have to pay a fee for every song we download. There are really tons of options of what should be done; it’s just that every option has a different person disagreeing. I don’t think that anyone is going to figure out an option that will make everyone happy. It’s all just going to end up in a win-lose situation, with music listeners and new bands on the losing side.There is option one: all music through the Internet becomes free and unrestricted. This option is what music listeners want to see because they don’t wan tot have to pay for their music if they can get it for free. Some of the song collections people have gotten off the Internet are worth hundreds of dollars. If you think about how a regular length CD has twelve songs and costs fifteen dollars, a 500-song music collection should really cost $625, but they got it for free. New bands also like this option because it gets their music heard a lot easier. Most people would much rather go download a few songs of a band they have never heard of then go buy their CD not being sure whether the band is going to be any good. Then hopefully if that person likes the songs they got off the internet they will go out and buy the bands CD or at least buy some kind of other merchandise like a t-shirt or poster. The whole negative side to this option is for major bands and record labels. Major bands that sell millions of albums every time they release one will be hurt because the sale of all those albums gets them some good profit whereas for smaller bands that are new, they don’t see profit until the record company makes all their money back. The record labels also get hurt by this option because they make most of they’re money from the profit of the albums th...

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