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Researched Argument

It seems that from the beginning of time, music has been an important part of peoples lives. However, today, it seems that the number of people who advocate the everlasting presence of music is dwindling, and the number of people only concerned with economic stability and the core curriculum in schools is rising. Budgets in schools are being cut, and the music programs are usually at the beginning of the list when a particular area is to be disbanded. Action is being taken against the loss of music education in schools, and the people fighting to save and rejuvenate this precious resource have established many strong arguments. Meghann C. Russell of Towson University says , "Several studies have shown that [music] has a strong effect on childrens ability to succeed in many important areas of education and life" (Russell). This is possibly the most effective argument that the music education advocates have. The arguments wholly include the emotional values of the music and the intimate relationships people can gain through it, the ability that music has to help children in most or even all aspects of education, and the way that the music helps a childs brain develop differently from a child who has had no musical education. Music is one of the only things in a humans life that is capable of evoking nearly every different emotion. Thus meaning that is also has the capability to create strong psychological effects as well. When people stumble for the right words to accurately express themselves, they will often times become very frustrated and annoyed by the inability to do so. Music, however, provides an "emotional outlet"(Russell) and allows people to express themselves in a truly non-verbal way. In a way, people are actually able to speak through the music they are making, and all their emotions can just flow right out, uninterrupted and perfectly clear. Once a person has achieved the ability to express themselves usi...

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