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Review of Maroon By the Barenaked Ladies

Maroon by the Barenaked Ladies Reprise Records, a Time Warner Company. Produced by Dan Was. Songs: Too Little Too Late, Never Do Anything, Pinch Me, Go Home, Falling For The First Time, Conventioneers, Sell Sell Sell, The Humor Of The Situation, Baby Seat, Off The Hook, Helicopters, Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel.Personnel: Jim Creeggan: electric bass, vocals, double bass, and viola. Kevin Hearn: piano, symth, vocals, and guitar. Steven Page: Vocals. Ed Robertson: Acoustic and electric guitars, vocals. Tyler Stewart: drums, vocals, and percussion. I have always said the only thing I miss of a past girlfriend is her collection of Barenaked Ladies albums. After recreating her collection for myself, I learned that a new album was on the way. Maroon – the band’s sixth album is filled with 12 brand new songs with enough quirkiness and pop that will forever be the marks of the Barenaked Ladies (BNL). To my surprise Don Was, a Grammy Award winning producer whose name was also on my B-52’s and Rolling Stones albums, produced this album. This pop-infused CD displays the BNL’s signature of happy, jangly, tunes filled with sarcasm, irony, truth and passion embedded into every song that brings out old memories to everyone. The first song on the album, “Too Little Too Late,” is an upbeat song with a good backbeat with a catch chorus. It talks about a person who is not able to talk with their significant other about an issue – whatever it may be. BNL takes a daily concern of a person in a relationship and although many times it is serious, the music turns it into a catchy fun time. "I could be good-And I would-If I knew that I was understood-And it would be great-Just wait-Or is too little too late-One day this embarrassment will be behind me-And that day I could think of things that won't remind me-But these days-It's unbearable for both of us who can't discuss it this wa...

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