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Stevie Ray Vaughn

Stevie Ray Vaughan a legend, a master of his art, but most of all salutary to the blues revival in his day in age. At a time where blues was fading out, in the late eighties, like a candle dying out he was the one match that kept it lit, and almost brought blues to salvation. Great blues riffs and sick licks going strong, and he would keep them going all night long. Mostly self taught he was a true musician whose time ran short.Stevie Ray Vaughan was born in Dallas, Texas on October 3, 1954 to Jim and Martha Vaughan. Stevie Ray first got interested in the guitar around the age of eleven in 1963. By then his older brother (Jimmie Vaughan born in 1951.) had already been playing for a couple years. He taught Stevie Ray a few tricks, a couple blues chords, and minor pentatonic licks, but not much though. Stevie Ray was mostly self taught, he grew accustomed to never using his pinkie. Growing up he listened to great blues legends like the famous B.B. King, the not as famous, but close, who really didn't get the recognition he deserved, Albert King. He found their music gratifying, and admired them greatly, learning all their licks by ear, on stage he could mirror any solos they threw at him. Both Albert King and B.B. King played a very influential role in the development of Stevie Rays style. By the time he was fourteen he was already playing in Dallas blues clubs with bands like Blackbird, the Shanstones, and the Epileptic Marshmallow. Stevie Ray being so involved with his music barely had time for highschool. He dropped out in 1972.After dropping out of high school, he moved to Austin to take his music to a new level and to make money along the way. After a year of playing with a couple local bands, in Austin, like the NightCrawlers, and the Cobras, he decided it was time to move on. In 1976 he formed a band called Triple Threat Revue. This band included W.C Clark, Lou Ann Barton, Freddie Pharoah, and Mike Kindred. Kindred...

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