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TV and Music

Television is something that everyone that is my age can recall on when they were younger. It has definitely been the greatest influence on me since the day I was born to this world. Television is a great and most likely the best source around the world for information on what’s happening everywhere, and probably the most prolific form of entertainment in most first world countries. TV (short for television) was the host of my favorite show when I was a kid, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That was the show that had the most influence on me when I was younger. TV is the greatest source for in-home entertainment and information. Music is another form of entertainment that influenced me greatly. It is also found everywhere and in every culture around the world, either in one form or another. It can found almost everywhere we go today in our culture. Radio, CD’s, cassette tapes, records, eight tracks, and the new .mp3 format are just to name a few of the ways that music is circulated through our society today.My greatest influence on the TV was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Watching the show became a lifestyle for me. The first thing to do, when the craze started, was to collect all of the figurines. Once this was done, there were great wars between them. Setting up walls with pillows, and loading the “pizza thrower”. This was the ultimate toy to have. It could knock down walls, then start taking’ out the enemies behind it. The side that had this was basically chosen to be winner by default. If that wasn’t enough watching the show was the most important thing to do. While watching the I usually would not blink to miss a second of it. Other wise I could miss a characters new move or even a new character appearing. The leader of the turtles was a rat, and their greatest enemy was a mutated man called the “Shredder”. The turtles main goal or obligation was to save th...

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