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The AffectsEffects of Music on My Life

Once each day, I reserve time to collect my thoughts in a journal. This form of writing helps me to better understand myself, make wiser choices, and in sense, keep myself 'in check'. Since I began my coupe de plume, I have found that the facet in my life that keeps me focused is playing music. Becoming an instrumentalist has been a driving force in my life. Playing has, in many ways, kept me sane. It taught me to harness the talents I posses and apply them in a manner that best suits me.I can truly say that my life would not be the same without the presence of music. If not for playing, I would have never met my best friend, who has seen me through every hardship. My encounters with Da-Laine Chapman, my high school band director, would have never been, and it is because of her that I am the scuplted musician that I have become.Playing music involves every sense of yourself and displays every emotion through sound. ...

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