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The Legendary Journey of the Beatles

One of the most incredible musical talents in history, they also have one of the most intriguing backgrounds. From John Lennons early groups in the late fifties to his assassination in 1980, the Beatles had very full and eventful lives (Haber).Some may believe that the Beatles Revolution did not begin until the band arrived in the U.S. on February 7, 1964, but the beginnings of their legacy can be traced much further back (Haber). John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, the Fab Four as they were called were each born in the early forties in Liverpool, England. These were the four permanent members of what we know as the Beatles today, however when John was first starting out in the music industry, the members in his several different bands changed many times (Markowski).One of Johns first and biggest steps toward becoming the amazing musician that he would later become was his first guitar, a gift from his aunt at age sixteen. John soon formed his own musical group that he titled the Quarrymen, after the school that he attended. During a performance at the Woolton Parish Church in Liverpool, future member Paul McCartney is invited to join the group. Several months following Pauls enrollment in the group, George Harrison is invited to join as well. Finally, in mid 1960, the group titles itself the Beatles, with five total members. These members included John, Paul, George, Stu Sutcliffe, a bass player with little musical talent, and Pete Best on drums. They made their debut later that year on August 1 in Hamburg, West Germany (Rock).The Beatles next big performance was on January 1, 1961 at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. In April of that year, Stu left the band and Paul took over playing bass. While playing at the Cavern Club, they were discovered by a local record merchant and entrepreneur, Brian Epstein. One month later, in December of 1961, Epstein signed on as the Beatles manager. Unfortunately, ...

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