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The Underground Scene of American Culture

The Underground Scene of American Culture Picture it: the music is pumping, the lights are shooting through the smoke filled room, your body moves as if taken over by the beat. You look around, and smile, realizing that at that second every person in the room with you is your best friend. This was the very feeling I experience when I attended my first rave, called “Unity.” I had never experience music the way I did that summer weekend. It made me open my eyes to the culture that I had never knew of, and gave me a sense that I hadn’t felt in a while. It was a sense of belonging. Although I didn’t know anyone besides those I attended the event with, I still felt closer with complete strangers than I did with some that I have known my whole life. Young American culture has always seemed fueled by the concept of having a good time. People in their late teens to early twenties are beginning to make choices on their own, including what they choose to do with their leisure time. However, there has been a culture that has been growing since the mid-80s that promotes equality, peace, and the love of music. Now, it is dangerously close to being eliminated from American society. The rave culture is that very one. People from all walks of life attend these all night events, with nothing more in mind than peace, love, unity, and respect. They come from far and near with one common interest: the love of music. The euphoric beats are the pulse of the crowd, and the meaning of unity is never clearer. The feeling of togetherness and love provides a desirable escape from all the petty problems in our society. So, why can something that seems so innocent and peaceful, pose such a dominant threat? There never seems to be one party (rave) that can be thrown anymore, without the arm of the local authorities far behind. This discourages many young people from going, for fear of getting arrested for something t...

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