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Third Eye Blind

Ernest Everett Just, was born in 1883 and he died in 1941. He spent most of his life trying to understand the mystery of biology, being a biologist himself. He has many contributions to the branches of science, for instance the facts about fertilization and pointed the way toward a better knowledge of the way all cells work. Dr. Just was taught mostly by his mother. He also had many science teachers throughout his years. He was very intelligent for his age, and became an honored scholar. At the age of thirteen, he enrolled at South Carolina State College in . At the time, it was a sort of elementary and vocational school for blacks. In order for him to get the education about cells, he took a few parts in plays, the debating society, and was in school newspaper. After receiving great information about cells. He recieved the first Springarn Medal in 1915 for pioneering research on fertilization and cell division.At Dartmouth he won the Phi Beta Kappa Key, the highest scholastic award to be given to a student in an undergraduate college. He then swtiched over to Howard University to become an instructor in Biology. Biology was of his main interest, and also what he majored in. It was at Howard he fascinated much of the youth....

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