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War Pigs

The song “War Pigs,” by Black Sabbath, argues the fact that, during the Vietnam War, politicians were willing to start wars and cause destruction because they were not the ones in danger of losing their lives or being injured. The song suggests that the politicians of the 1960’s and 1970’s started a war for fun, treating soldiers in America’s army as “pawns in chess.” By the end of the song, the lyrics say that those men and women will get what they deserve when their day of judgment comes. The first verse of the song begins by comparing the generals of the United States Army to a group of witches who have “evil minds that plot destruction” and act as a “sorcerer of Death’s construction.” The songwriters are saying that the generals and politicians meet with each other and think of new ways to cause destruction and chaos for nothing but their own amusement. The last part of the first verse says that they only have hatred for mankind and are trying to brainwash citizens of the United States to think that the war is a good cause so there will not be much protesting and opposition.The next verse begins by saying politicians hide when it comes to backing up their words. “They leave their role to the poor,” meaning they would never go fight their own battle, they leave it to the unfortunate soldiers who have to die for the fight the government started. The second half of this verse hints at the fact that the politicians treat the war they started as a game, using the people under their control as pieces in a chess game. It ends by saying “wait ‘till their judgment day comes,” meaning they will be punished in their next life for the mistakes they made while they were playing games with peoples’ lives.The final verse deals with judgment day and how the “war pigs” act now that the war is over and they have to take resp...

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