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Your Lost Little Girl

The song “Your Lost Little Girl” was a metaphorical symbolism for everything Morrison believed in.It reflects Jim’s terrible disposition for authority and his goal to show people the way to freedom. He believed that to accept authority was to become authority. His excessive drug use and drinking fueled him to write some of the most original and visionary music ever. It also led him to a mind state that left some people thinking him insane and others thinking him a god.James Douglas Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida, December 8, 1943. Due to his family’s constant moving because of his father’s job in the Navy, Jim grew up a very shy child. It was difficult for him to make friends, so he developed an early interest in literature. He excelled in school and had an IQ of 149. Jim identified with an intense line of poets, writers and philosophers who resisted authority and were insistent on staying true to their nature: Blake, Poe, Rimbaud, and VanGogh. Jim claimed that one of the most influential event in his life, happened when he was 4 years old. His family drove up on an accident involving a bus full of Pueblo Indians, who were mostly dead. Jim was terribly upset when they could not help. He later stated that one of the dead Indians had passed his soul to him. He was severely punished by his father. Morrison’s utter distain for authority was largely due to his father’s strict authoritarian approach to parenting. His father, a rear admiral in the US Navy, expected Jim to keep it on the straight and narrow, and to follow the only way of life he new. This fueled Morrison’s rebellious nature. It was during his UCLA film school days that this attitude led him to drugs. He mainly experimented in hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. He also developed a strong taste for liquor. Jim never lost his deep love of poetry. He became particularly infatuated with the poetry of Willi...

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