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bangladeshi music

BANGLADESHI MUSIC AND DANCE The traditional music in Bangladesh shares the perspectives of that of the Indian subcontinent. Music in Bangladesh can be divided into three distinct categories-classical, folk and modern. The classical music, both vocal and instrumental is rooted in the remote past of the sub-continent. Bangla music arena is enriched with Jari, Shari, Bhatiali, Murshidi and other types of folk songs. Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Sangeet are Bengalis precious heritage. Modern music is also practiced widely. Contemporary patterns have more inclinations to west. Pop song and band groups are also coming up mainly in Dhaka (capital city).Bangladesh has a good number of musical instruments originally of her own. Originally country musical instruments include, Banshi (bamboo flute), Dhole (wooden drums), Ektara (a single stringed instrument), Dotara (a four stringed instrument), Mandira (a pair of metal bawls used as rhythm instrument), Khanjani, and Sharinda etc. Now-a-days western instruments such as Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, and Synthesizer are being used alongside country instruments.Dance:Classical forms of the sub-continent predominate in Bangladeshi dance. The folk, tribal and Middle Eastern traits are also common. The folk dances in Bangladesh are classified into two main groups (1) the ritual- ceremonial and (2) social dance. The ritual-ceremonial folk dances associate mostly with seasonal customs such as harvesting and religious rites connected mostly with folk belief. The folk dances of the village also project a performance of certain medicine men or ojha whose dance magic is a part of curing sick persons and ensuring the fertility of the married girls. Temple dance by the Hindus are essentially ritualistic. Some of the ritualistic and ceremonial dances are Kirtana, Baul Brata, Jari, Shari (Jari and Shari are presented with both male and female performers) and tribal dance Among the tribal dances, particularly popular...

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