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dog fashion disco cd review

“Anarchists of Good Taste” What do you think of when I say this for a band name, Dog Fashion Disco? You never heard of them, have you? There a Five piece band from Washington DC, who are signed with Spitfire Records. Their lineup consists of Jeff Siegel/keyboards, Stephen Mears/bass, Tod Smith/vocals/guitar, John Ensminger/drums, and Greg Combs/guitar. Their new CD, “Anarchist of Good Taste”, was produced by Drew Manzurek and was released on March 6, 2001.Their type music is a genre of music within itself. It’s heavy and powerful with a circus/vampire type trance sound to it. The drums off beat rhythms and the keyboards creepy melody lines are what gives them there sound. The group combines typical heavy metal elements with eerie horror show sounding elements. "When you listen to Dog Fashion Disco you realize what it's like to be chased by an evil clown with a knife.", to quote Matt Holt of Nothingface. The album shows more musical talented then any other metal band, ever. The vocals are a combination of spoken word, horrific screams and well-sung melodies. The lyrics are twisted, aggressive and horrifying. “I’m coming to California to kill you, I’m coming to rape and murder your family” from the song “Headless” and “You've got me hanging by my throat, swinging from a tree, swaying in the breeze, as I die my eyes glaze over , swinging from a tree, swaying in the breeze” from the song “the Vertigo Motel” are two examples of DFD’s lyrics. The songs sound as much or more twisted then the lyrics do.The song “the Vertigo Motel” starts off with piano, bass and vocals. It’s sounds like a love melody at first until you hear the lyrics. The lyrics are about a person hanging from a tree by their throat. The song changes parts many times, within a short period of time. It changes from piano melody to circus trance to heavy metal to j...

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