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free speach Eminem

Martin Luther King Jr did not have the right to speech back in the days when discrimination again African American sitizens was normal. If freedom of speech was not allowed for all and denied to those who whish to change society into something better, no major change would have accered in our way of thinking. if Erin brokovich didn’t have the right to speech, then the _______ would have continued polluting _______ water. Our fathers felt “freedom of speech” was enough to add it as the First Amendment to the Constitution. But what does “freedom of speech mean ? And why is it this important. When we talk about “freedom of Speech” we are not referring to a tangible thing but to a set of rules that was designed by human beings. Free speech may be a matter of social agreement, or law, and is usually both. Freedom of speech had a major impact in American History. For three-quarteers of a century after the establishment of the U.S., freedom of speech and all other rights were denied the black slaves until they were released from slavery and were legally endowed with the same rights as white citizens. During the period freedom f speech was abridged by Congress in 1798 by passage of the Alien and Sedition acts, which made it a criminam offense to foster opposition to the federal government We understand that freedom of speech is important but how can we use it? Let’s say you are a professor lecturing for 400 people. Do you have the right to say whatever you want and discriminate who ever you don’t’ like? Certinly not there some restriction to it. But again how much restricktion can we put on it. The internet is another great example of free speech, and it is ironic that the leaders of this nation founded on free speech now want to regulate it. But again how much can they restrick it. How far can the government go on this. The rule of freedom of speech was made because people can express...

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