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how to be a singer

Steps To Be A Singer… Can fame and stardom come without struggles and hardships? When the word fame or stardom comes up, people usually think of movie celebrities, sports stars, and especially musicians. Musicians fill the world with the great sounds of rhythmic beats and melodies. Though the world is filled with musicians of all kinds, singers possess the true inborn gift, vocal talent, which can only be obtained at birth. Singers are seen living the good life with nice cars, luxurious mansions, and a constant cash flow. Those are all great images of a musician but they are the benefits that can only be received AFTER they are established. On the road to a record deal, there are numerous amounts of steps to overcome.The first and most important thing to have is the true talent to sing. This is key because this is the main thing that is looked for. If there is no ability to sing then no record company is going to want to sign you. There is not one record company willing to sign someone a label contract that did not have the raw talent to sing. A bad voice does not make many people want to jump up and buy the CD. Record companies are all about money, they need a sure thing. Profits must be made and if a CD cannot sell, why invest and lose money on it. Once you have established your singing ability, it is on to the next step.The next step is to find an entertainment lawyer (also known as a manager or an agent) who is familiar with the industry and willing to work with you. Usually a manager can be found in many different resources like the yellow pages, references from vocal coaches, or even searching on the Internet. Another untapped resource is the radio. The radio usually airs commercials about different events, in your local area, that are going on to support those who feel they have the talent and ability to compete with professionals in the music industry. These affairs basically serve as scouting events for...

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