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Over the years the music industry has grown from a fairly profitable industry with a few major stars into a billion dollar industry with many major The music industry has evolved in many different ways through such inventions as the television and music videos. In order to become a star in the industry today it is almost essential that you have a good music video and a great marketing campaign. With these pressures on new artists I believe it makes it hard for them to be themselves and not change there music or image in order to sell records. I believe it is possible not to sell out in the music industry today. Stars such as Aerosmith, Billy Joel, and Sting for example have always put out quality music and have not strayed far from there original musical roots in order to sell records. Other artists like Madonna are constantly reinventing themselves and there musical style and have been very successful in doing so. But the question is are they doing this because they are a talented artist or in order to stay popular and sell records. I believe there is a thin line between reinventing your musical style and changing just to stay popular. I believe that in order not to sell out in the industry today you have to love your music and want others to love it as well, not for them to love you but instead your music. That I think is the problem with today's artists, they want to become super stars and they loose sight of the music and concentrate to much on there image and flashy performances. The great musicians are loved for there music first and then fans fall in love with them and there performances. Music is a business though and in order to sell records today you have to have the total package, which I think makes it extremely hard for musicians to stay true to themselves and there music over the long hall. In conclusion I think it is possible not to sell out in today's industry, but the artists has to be dedicated to th...

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