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“If we do not know and understand our history, we are doomed to repeat it.” This message is taught to all young people in their history and social studies classes. The quote is very true, because we learn from our mistakes, and even from our accomplishments. Music has been in the world longer than most people think. Way back when cavemen were slamming their clubs in a specific rhythm, that was musical. What this paper will mainly be talking about though is the likenesses and differences of the classical era with our own modern day music.( we have evolved since the time Beethoven and Mozart displayed their talent of music, or have we? Some people think back in those days the music was more pure, but why? The reason is back in those days music was used almost as a therapy. People enjoyed the sweet soft sounds of the piano playing a wonderful melody and they became relaxed, calm, and tranquil. Since then there have been so many more additions in the styles of music. Today we have Pop/rock, Rock ‘n Roll, Heavy Metal, Rap, and yes we still listen to classical music.Music in modern times has in a way drifted from the classical way, into a more hard-hitting beat. All styles of music these days are separated mainly by a difference of age in people. The once popular classical style is now mostly listened to by elderly aged men and women. Rap and Pop/rock has mainly invaded the younger groups of people, mainly in their teens and early twenties. So does music still give the same dramatic feel that made people feel calm and relax? Yes, most definitely. That is something which is very similar when it comes to these two era’s of music. While there have been additions of many more styles, some of those style’s can still contribute to making a person feel so much more alive. Take Pop/rock for instance. Many songs are arranged as very slow, emotional melodies and harm...

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