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Examine the statement that popular music epitomizes the best and the worst of Jamaican culture with specific references to its impact locally and internationally. Music in its most pure form was originally designed by artiste to reflect modes, tell stories and in short to summarize life. In todays world artiste claim to use music as a means of reflecting every day life, thus bringing to light all the flaws of society. however based on the lyrical content of their songs could it be said that they are really reflecting life, as opposed to influencing it. If so what are the impact of such music on society. RESEARCH OUTLINEExamining the type of music played The research will examine the lyrical content of songs been played on air, at clubs and at local dance session's.The impact of music We will determine whether the lyrical content of songs performed by artiste have an impact on its listeners. Examining whether the effects are to societys advantage or to our disadvantage .Does music reflect our society or does it influence it?Based on the data colleted we will determine the answer to this question Does music reflect or influence our society?...

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