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Tupac Shakur Did the Rap/HipHop culture contribute to their murders? Tupac Shakur was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1971. Early in his life, he moved to Baltimore, ND, where he attended The Baltimore School, Tupac led a lasting impression on his teachers and was showing tremendous potential. Unfortunately, Tupac was unable to continue his training. He moved to Oakland, California with the rest of his family. That’s when Tupac began “Hanging with the wrong crowd”(Shontae W.). Tupac later got into the rap and acting business, he was dedicated to both rap/hiphop and acting. For some reason rap was a way for Tupac to express how he felt and the things he had experienced in his life. Tupac was very real, whatever was on his mind he said it in his lyrics. Other rappers would get mad at him because he might say something about them, but like I said he was true to the game and didn’t care what the outcomes may be. Not held back by his lack of formal education, Tupac joined the Rap group Digital Underground as a dancer. Not long before the group achieved award winning success, Tupac released his own album “2pacalypse Now”, which was also a success. The hit single “Brenda’s Got A Baby” launched Tupac’s career like a rocket. His stunning talent also hot him a role in the motion picture “Juice”. Tupac eventually released a second album “Strictly for my Niggaz,” which was an even bigger success. The highlight of Tupac’s acting career came when he appeared in “Poetic Juice” besides Janet Jackson. The role Jackson 2 made Tupac a household name and showed the world that music may not be Tupac’s number one thing. In the midst of a role in the movie “Above the Rim” and a Platnum album “Me against the world,” Tupac’s rising career was snagged. He was brought up on sexual assault charges by a woman he met at a nightclub (...

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