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slipknot concert reviewfrom aliens view

Music 100: Music Appreciation We arrived at the concert around sun set. As we pulled up to the entrance, all I could see was a mass of humans. They scattered around the front of the building, some going in and coming out. In the middle of all the transportation devices there were a few men, in black suits, who pointed in different directions. They stopped groups of humans to allow the transportation devices by and vice versa. We now left our “car” with a group of other “cars” and made our way to the building. As we entered, we were told to form lines. At the end of these lines, we were greeted by a male human who patted each person, head to toe. He took a rectangle piece of material from our hands, and put a different piece of material around my wrist. After this we were ready to enter.Once inside, I started to began feeling weird and a little uncomfortable. I was surrounded by young, scary humans, with sharp, hard, shinny objects, in their faces and pieces of art on their arms or backs. I could now hear the music coming from inside the main room of the building. The room was every large with different sections that held a countless amount of people. We went to the lowest section of the main room and stayed near the back, where fewer people were. My feelings soon changed from weird and uncomfortable, to slightly scared and fearful for me life, as I began to view the first group perform.The music was loud, very loud. There were periods of lite/soft music followed by sudden and abrupt, crashes and bangs. The first group was a bit frightening. There was six of them in the group. Three of them played objects that had long skinny threads that were plucked to make a noise. One sat behind a group of multi-sized objects and hit them with two separate objects to create a noise. One stood over a rectangle box and pushed different sections of it. The last man, the leader, ran around yelling with a object in his han...

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