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spring percussion concert

On Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 7:00pm I attended San Jacinto College Music Departments Program. They performed a spring percussion concert in the student center auditorium. The concert consisted of all assorted percussions instruments. The conductor’s name is Jeff Gleason, he participated in the program as well. Most of the ensembles members are majoring are music; the others are simply a member of the percussion ensemble. The concert consisted of nine music pieces.The first piece of music was called “4/4 For Four”. This piece of music was played with only five members of the ensemble. Each member played a single instrument each that consisted of only percussion instruments. The music piece was neither long nor short. It had a very suspense sound to it. The piece went from loud to soft and from soft back to loud. Also the music went from fast to slow and from slow back to fast. I though this piece was very interesting and fun.The second music piece was called “Gainsborough”. It was also played with the same five ensemble members, however these five members all played a different instrument from the last one. The instruments that were used in this piece were assorted percussion also. The music piece sounded like the song “Chop Sticks” from the move “Big”. This piece kept mostly the same tempo and tune. I enjoyed this music piece. The third music piece was my favorite. The same five members played it, however they made the music with homemade instruments. This piece had rhythm and tone and humor. It was very creative and talented. Each member had a different size circle, which they used to make the effect of the sound. The used ripples starting from one person and made a continuous effect to the last person. They use different types of sticks to hit the circular objects to create the sound. It reminded me of the Pringles commercial. It reminded me of how they us...

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