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the contemporary music industry

Aidan Thomas 26/3/02 The Contemporary Music Industry Metal hammer magazine- lots of small advertisements on selected pages that list bands in alphabetical order with the product/merchandise theyre selling. flashing adverts; big popular bands have names printed in large colourful font. These advertisements are from the classifieds in Metal Hammer Magazine: FM 104.7- announces for bands have effects on their voices, eg. distorted, echo, sped up, slowed down etc.Metal hammer magazine- Again the bigger popular bands have brighter more noticeable adverts, underneath are the backup bands that are performing before the main band.Performance/composition: Pantera home video2- drink, smoke, and have fun interacting with audience.Triple j, three hours of power- songs use lots of distortion, deep vocals/shouting, fast double kick on bass drums.Education Canberra times- not much in the paper about music education other than some small teaching jobs in the classifiedsInternet- I typed music education on AOL search engine and these are some of the sites that were listed: American music centre, Belleve school of music, Bellchambers music school. ProductionTen Capital- Between 10pm and 11pm I saw 3 advertisements for Staging Connections - a sound and lighting production company Internet- searched - sound ProductionSummaryThe information I have gathered shows that the music industry of today is highly based on advertising. Bands and companies in the music industry highly depend on advertising to get recognised by each other.The whole thing works in one big circle. The band needs promotion and production to be recognised. Promotion needs a good band if they want to be successful and visa versa. Production also needs a successful band if they are to be satisfied.Eg, A person like Kylie Minogue would not only be successful and wealthy but the producers that produce Kylie Minogue would also be qui...

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