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what music is to me

Music is central to my life. Without music, the world would be naked, cold and quiet. Music can set the rhythm for a long day of work, the mood for a date, a party or even your whole life. It can wrap you in a blanket when you are down. Music is a vehicle for expressing love, telling a story, or whowing happiness. My love for music has grown throughout the past few years and continues to do so even today. Playing musical instruments such as the violin, viola, trumpet and french horn has deepened my appreciation for the sounds I hear when I listen to music. From personal experience playing in concerts and wrtiting my own music I have captured the views of both sides of music's artistic prism: creation and presentation. Creation, I have learned can be a tremendously tedious task. It involves more than perserverance and determination. Creating music requires the harmonious articulation of one's feelings and thoughts through instrumental or vocal sounds. Music is the universal language....

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