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when lyrics attack

Music is what wakes us up in the morning, makes us want to dance, and soothes us when we’re feeling sad (Palumbo 2). It is a factor in everyday life. Because of the huge amount of weight music has, a large section of society feels that some music and other forms of media has had a major influence on behavior. The first amendment states that the freedom of speech provides broad protection to a wide array of expressions, as well as to forms of communication (2). Therefore, it is the artist’s right to express themselves in their lyrics and other forms of media. However, what seems to concern the public is that Villani’s research prior to 1990 documented that children learn behaviors and have their value systems shaped by the media. Be that as it may, the first amendment forbids the government to regulate speech in ways that favor some viewpoints or ideas at the expense of others (3). “Music is important to teenagers’ identity and helps them define important social and sub-cultural boundaries,” says the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Even though it is agreed that there should be some sort of rating program like there is for movies, artists should not be punished by not getting there albums sold in stores or played over the radio. Although music lyrics are sometimes emotionally stirring they do not significantly impact behavior.Music has had significant changes in the last decade. “By 1995 only ten of the forty most popular CDs’ were free of profanity or lyrics dealing with drugs, violence, and sex” (Jippling 3). Music is prominent in adolescent lives: Teenagers spend between four and five hours a day listening to music and watching music videos (Christenson 1). The fact that government officials, researchers and parents alike are concerned about the impact of music on adolescents is not alarming. The power music has on the youth today is incredible. Teenagers already having pr...

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