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Rosa Luxemburg

Before one can even attempt to discuss the Marxists of the World, one must examine and define the meaning of the term itself. What is the definition of Marxism? How did it come about? How did it change through the years? “ Marxism is the system established by Marx and Engles. The foundation of Marxism is based on Dialectical Materialism----a way of understanding reality; whether thoughts emotions, or the material world. Through this Marx and Engles examined history, which led them to explain class struggle and the basis of social relations throughout economics” Marx’s Communist Manifesto was the first systematic statement of modern socialist doctrine. Marx contributed the central propositions of the Manifesto, which embody the materialist conception of history. This theory was later formulated in Marx’s Critique of Political Economy (1859). Marx drew the conclusion that the capitalist class would inherently collapse. “The only class he believed which can assimilate the critique of political economy with out damage to itself is the proletariat.” After Marx, there were many people who tried to re-model and interpret his philosophy; one of those people was Rosa Luxemburg. Born on March 5th, 1871 in Zamoshc of Congress Poland, Rosa Luxemburg was born into a Jewish family, the youngest of five children. “She was not good looking, she had a limp, a deformed shoulder, but she possessed a powerful intellect, and a strong, clear voice”. In 1889, at 18 years old, Luxemburg's revolutionary agitation forced her to move to Zrich, Switzerland, to escape imprisonment. While in Zrich, Luxemburg continued her revolutionary activities from abroad, while studying political economy and law; receiving her doctorate in 1898. Like everyone else, Rosa Luxemburg can only be understood in the context of the phase of the social-democratic movement of which she was a part. Whereas Marx's critique of...

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