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Judith Wright

In reference to Judith Wright’s poetry as being of a unique and distinctive style, in particular Wright is well known for her use of two subjects, that being the ‘Australian aspect’ where in her work she commonly relates to the old traditional style of Australia’s history and the harsh landscape that is well known as an Australian trait. Three examples of this distinctive style ofwriting is ‘Remittance Man’, ‘South of my Days’ and ‘Legend’. The other of Wright’s favouredtopics is the ‘Womens view’ or the feminist side of life, in which Wright creatively relays theway a women perceives certain aspects of a subject compared to that of a man. there is also theclear presence in all her feminist poems the indication of the womens traditional role in societytoday and in particular the past. Three examples of this style is ‘Women to Man’, ‘To AnotherHousewife’ and ‘Eve to her Daughters’.Whilst all of Wright’s poetry has it’s own way of giving the lasting impression of these twoaspects, in particular the poem Remittance Man stands out clearly in my mind as one of Wright’smost qualified examples of the Australian style. Even in the opening lines of this poem there isthe subtle indication of that impression that Wright so strongly feels for Australia and the people,‘The spendthrift, disinherited and graceless’ this English outcast i.e The Remittance Man, has noreal class or presence of a respectable character, yet these three dishonorable words refer directlyto that almost traditional idea of what the Australian man was in the past. Once it is establishedthat this Remittance Man is not wanted in England however happily retreats to the shores ofAustralia and finds self contentment with this almost opposite lifesyle where he feels nojugdement is put on him, no more restrictions or unacceptable behaivour ...

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