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Airline Safety Bill 2001

Introduction (Background of Actors): There are quite a few actors in respect to interest groups and domestic airline safety. The interest groups come from varying backgrounds of business, labor, government and public interest. The actors that we are focused on are the domestic airline companies, the aerospace industry, private security firms, various labor groups, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Congress, The World Conference on Transportation Research Society (WCTRS) and the American people.Business SectorThe business sector plays a major role in our domestic airline safety policies. This particular sector covers the commercial airline industry itself, the manufacturing industry and the private security firms that run security operations in our national and international airports. The major commercial airlines (i.e. Alaska, American, Delta, TWA, United, America West, Northwest, Southwest and US Airways) are instrumental in our decision. The airlines are looking to maximize profit in our capitalist economy and do not wish to bear a major burden financially in our policy. The airlines wish to increase security at the airports and on the airplanes, but are asking for government help financially. With the $15 billion bailout that was recently given the airlines have been able to function without a significant loss. However the problem with this is that the airlines are looking at each fiscal quarter as the progress within their company and are not looking years in advance as to what the impacts of their decisions are.The manufacturers (i.e. Lockheed-Martin and Boeing) are too looking to make a profit in the economy. The manufacturers concluded that with the attacks there would be a decrease in commercial air travel and thus a decrease in demands for new airplanes by the commercial airlines. With this conclusion the major manufacturers ha...

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